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Ladehemmungen im ganzen Land – SPIEGEL

Der Strand des südafrikanischen Örtchens St. James ist endlos lang, Wellen rollen schäumend zur Küste. Von Wendy Trupos Terrasse aus kann man sie beobachten, ihr Haus liegt gleich am Meer. Gerade hat die 71-jährige Künstlerin Ingwerkekse und Cappuccino aus der Küche geholt, nun plaudert sie mit Nachbarin Amiene van der Merwe. Es geht um Wendys neues Auto: den Volvo XC40 Recharge, einen der ersten E-Volvos in Südafrika. Amiene ist begeistert, denn auch sie bezeichnet sich als »Greenie«, führt ein grünes Taxi-Start-up.

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Yzerfontein Oceanfront Home

The barn was supposed to be a greenhouse. Located next to homeowners Jochem and Evi Elsner’s primary residence in Yzerfontein, the initial idea was to construct Evi’s dream of a next-door greenhouse, veggie garden and chicken coop alongside their home. “When the plot became available, we immediately thought, ‘Let’s buy it and build, before someone else does, and builds something ugly next door to us’,” says Evi.

Originally from Germany but having lived in South Africa for more than 20 years, Jochem and Evi’s prior address was in Somerset West. “We loved living there, but over the years it became too busy and built up,” Evi explains. “About seven years ago, we decided we wanted to move somewhere else, and Yzerfontein was the place to be. We had it on good authority from friends, and from the many photographers we know, that it was an idyllic location – beautiful and uncrowded. We visited the area and were sold immediately.”

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Afrikas coolste Metropole – Kapstadt für Insider – WELT

Unter allen schönen deutschen Großstädten ist Kapstadt die allerschönste. Richtig gelesen – ausgerechnet die Metropole am Kap der Guten Hoffnung, knapp 10.000 Kilometer von Berlin entfernt, mit ihren fast fünf Millionen Einwohnern. Denn: Mehr als 100.000 Deutsche leben in Cape Town.

Viele von ihnen sind sogenannte Swallows, Schwalben, die auf Dauer-Schönwetter setzen. Im Sommer der Nordhalbkugel weilen sie in Europa, in jenem der Südhalbkugel (dem europäischen Winter) am Kap.

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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

The Science of Wanderlust | Condé Nast Traveler

Are some people genetically predisposed to travel? Science says maybe.

Todd Bliwise was nine years old the first time he tried to stow away on an airplane. Hopping a taxi solo to the airport from his home in Palo Alto, California, Bliwise almost made it onto a flight before a staffer asked him for a boarding pass. Busted, he confessed; the staffer quickly called Todd’s frantic mother, who rushed to the terminal and collected him. “I didn’t think about the logistics—it was just the drive: I wanted to go see things, to experience the world, something new,” Bliwise says of that day, two decades later. “I went into my parents’ closet and got one of my dad’s brown suitcases, one of those 1980s, beat-up cases and packed it full of what I thought were necessities: socks, some underwear, and crackers. I remember picking it up and feeling so accomplished.”

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Wesgro outlines global economic priorities for Cape Town and the Western Cape in 2021 – Corporate | Wesgro

Today, Wesgro, the official Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape put a spotlight on global opportunities for business in 2021.

The event, attended by businesses stakeholders, and senior representatives of all levels of government, also provided an overview of current trends, risks and opportunities. The agency was particularly pleased to welcome, Mavuso Msimang, one of the most experienced public sector leaders in democratic South Africa, as keynote speaker.

Mavuso Msimang touched on the need for a collective effort – from the public, media, the private and public sectors – to fight the scourge of corruption that has been holding South Africa back in the last 27 years and the need to demand accountability from those we have put in power. He went on to state that the last line of defence for South Africa is its citizens – citizens need to demand more.

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New Cape Winelands Airport plans revealed

South African billionaire Rob Hersov announced he is planning to convert the former Fisantekraal Airport into the “Lanseria Airport of Cape Town”.

Hersov and business partner Nick Ferguson bought the Fisantekraal Airport in November 2020 and renamed it Cape Winelands Airport.

The airport is located on a 150-hectare site 13 kilometres northeast of Durbanville. It is therefore perfectly situated to serve the Cape Town aviation sector.

When it was built by the South African Air Force in 1943 it featured four runways to operate Lockheed Ventura bombers.

Although all four runways are still visible in overhead photos, only two of these runways are currently in use.

There are numerous aircraft hangars on the property which are used for the storage and maintenance of private aircraft and helicopters.

The picturesque location makes it a favourite for flight training and offers an alternative to the Cape Town International Airport for private aviation.

There are now plans to grow operations at the Cape Winelands Airport and provide an alternative to the Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) for some aviation services.

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Foreigners show record interest in SA companies at investor conference | Fin24

South Africa may not be top of the list for investors to put their money for the long haul, but foreigners are paying attention to several companies that have shown resilience during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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The South African origins of Andy Jassy’s Amazon Web Services — Quartz Africa

Amazon’s next chief executive made his name by launching one of the retail behemoth’s most profitable businesses—from South Africa. Andy Jassy, who joined Amazon in 1997 as a technical assistant to Jeff Bezos, started Amazon Web Services (AWS), of which he later became CEO. The web service business ushered in the era of cloud computing and now accounts for more than half of Amazon’s operating profit.

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Wanderlust Südafrika | Facebook

Is the song an anthem against the virus? How did Master KG’s song ′′ Jerusalema ′′ from South Africa become a world hit this corona summer?

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Sports, Art & Culture

Everything you need to know about the Zeitz MOCAA | Cape Town Travel


The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is the largest art museum in Africa, and the largest museum in the world showcasing the art of Africa and its diaspora. The museum is dedicated to researching, collecting, and exhibiting this art, and houses an impressive collection of work from all over the continent and beyond.

The exhibition space covers 6,000 square meters over nine floors, with 100 gallery spaces. In other words; set aside at least a full day to visit.

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