The Science of Wanderlust | Condé Nast Traveler

Are some people genetically predisposed to travel? Science says maybe.

Todd Bliwise was nine years old the first time he tried to stow away on an airplane. Hopping a taxi solo to the airport from his home in Palo Alto, California, Bliwise almost made it onto a flight before a staffer asked him for a boarding pass. Busted, he confessed; the staffer quickly called Todd’s frantic mother, who rushed to the terminal and collected him. “I didn’t think about the logistics—it was just the drive: I wanted to go see things, to experience the world, something new,” Bliwise says of that day, two decades later. “I went into my parents’ closet and got one of my dad’s brown suitcases, one of those 1980s, beat-up cases and packed it full of what I thought were necessities: socks, some underwear, and crackers. I remember picking it up and feeling so accomplished.”

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